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Aviat Aircraft Unveils More Than A Dozen New Enhancements To The Legendary Husky At Sun ‘n Fun (April 2018)

with more than a dozen upgrade options, the rugged and reliable Husky is flying off of the 2018 production lines including:-

Entirely new trim system

The previous bungee system is now replaced with an elevator trim tab. This lightens elevator stick forces and reduces pilot workload during the flare and landing.

Factory extended landing gear

This makes the aircraft more stable for landing on rough terrain or sloping ground. It increases propeller clearance by four inches, moving the tyres forward two…

New Husky A-1C being handed over to proud owner

Lyndon Griffith takes delivery of his brand new Aviat Husky A-1C-180.  This striking colour scheme will certainly stand out from the crowd.  G-LIKY has the optional Hartzell Composite Propeller and is fully IFR Certified. More photos of this aeroplane can be seen on our Gallery page.

Harrison Ford takes time out from filming to fly the Aviat Husky

Aviat Aircraft (UK) recently had the pleasure of sourcing a Husky for Harrison Ford to use during his "down time" from filming the latest Star Wars movie at Pinewood Studios.  Harrison particularly wanted to fly a Husky as he already owns two of his own Husky aircraft back home in the USA.  The Husky Pup (160hp) pictured here has been rented to him from the Shropshire Aero Club at Sleap Airfield and Bob Pooler of Aviat Aircraft (UK) Ltd, who…

New Husky A-1C-180 features hydraulically damped undercarriage

New Husky owner Darren Fern seen here taking delivery of his brand new A-1C-180 G-OGGI.  This is what he had to say about it:-
"Our new Husky exceeds expectation...basing it at a 190 yard strip has gone from a dream to a reality. For a relatively inexperienced taildragger pilot like me, the new undercarriage provides a massive safety margin. Refined, rugged and reliable ...I can't think of anything more capable then a new Husky." New Husky models now come as…

Husky A-1B-180 delivered to it's new owner in Germany

In June this year Andreas Kunert took delivery of this low time, custom paint scheme, Husky A-1B-180.  The aeroplane was delivered personally by Bob Pooler of Aviat Aircraft (UK).  The routing for the trip was from Sleap Airfield in Shropshire, UK, via Kortrijkt in Belgium, direct to Hahn in Germany.  The total flying time was 4.5 hours, the first 2 hours were flown in IFR conditions (not a problem to this very well equipped Husky) after which weather improved and…

First Aviat Husky in Estonia

Estonia has become the latest Country to take delivery of an Aviat Husky.  The 1,000nm delivery flight from England (via Denmark) took just 6.8 hours of flying time, thanks to some favourable tailwinds.  The IFR capability of this aeroplane made the trip straightforward and enjoyable and demonstrated that the Husky is considerably more than just an outstanding short-field performer.
General Aviation in Estonia is much less developed compared to most of Western Europe and this Husky is sure to attract…