Pitts Performance Aerobatic Aircraft

Pitts Overview

Enable yourself to easily perform highly skilled manoeuvres with ease. Become a better, safer, more confident pilot. Become a proud owner of a high performance powerhouse from a distinguished lineage of aircraft that have been precision handcrafted since 1946.

Until you've flown the new Pitts S-2C, there's no way to fully comprehend the way we have harnessed the power, expanded the performance envelope, locked in a new level of precision and taken the lead in aerobatic flying technology.





This new breed of Pitts Specials, Aviat’s only production model, more than meets the demands of today's aerobatics. We have brought trumpets into the aerobatic box, heralding a new athleticism, a sinuous grace, a vibrant form of aerobatic energy. For contests, airshows, training, or pure excitement the Pitts S-2C sizzles and dazzles.

Vertical lines are where the S-2C beats them all. You have never seen the kind of hang time that's possible in an S-2C. After improving the wing tip shape, flattening the belly, improving the engine cowling and redesigning the windshield, this model cruises 15 mph faster than the earlier model. Precision point rolls are possible at any speed thanks to the new wings and world class stick centering. The new aerodynamic vertical and horizontal tails make manoeuvring in any direction a snap.

Specification & Performance